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Saveria Caruso looks to highlight importance of school diversity

‘Addressing the unique needs of students from diverse backgrounds is one of the major challenges facing education today,’ says French public school trustee candidate

Editor's note: MidlandToday has asked school board trustee candidates in Midland, Penetanguishene and Tiny Township to provide a synopsis of why they are running for their school boards. Municipal elections take place Oct. 24, which will include school board trustees on the ballots.

The following response is from Saveria Caruso, who is running for French language public school trustee in the Simcoe County District School Board. For more election coverage, visit our 2022 municipal election page by clicking here, where you can find candidate profiles and other election news.

The world is a different place than it was four years ago. What is the greatest challenge facing students in this current society?

Addressing the unique needs of students from diverse backgrounds is one of the major challenges facing education today. I am most looking forward to working in a culturally responsive school environment highlighting the importance of diversity. (e.g., teaching strategies that facilitate the development of oral communication with diverse learners, the integration of immigrants in French-language schools, inclusive programs and resources that contribute to student learning, success and well-being).
What do students need more than anything, which they don’t already have but should?

1. Closing achievement gaps for all students including those with special needs;
2. Equity and inclusion for all students providing them access to new technologies, evidence-based pathways, and tutoring programs that take place within a classroom and/or after-hours at school offered free of charge to students;
3. Mental Health Services for students and staff expanding the number of school social workers.

Sometimes new policy and legislation goes against common sense. While change is only measured as good or bad in hindsight, what will you do to ensure the best opportunities for students?

I will use my leadership and research skills to promote partnerships within professional learning communities involving diverse groups of researchers, professional leaders and parents in order to implement innovative and creative strategies, programs/pathways that contribute to success and achievement, more specifically in literacy and numeracy.