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For our first-ever Random Act of Kindness, we surprise the heart of the Midland Cultural Centre

We surprise Glenn Erwin with a Random Act of Kindness to say thanks for all of his hard work at the Midland Cultural Centre
MidlandToday RAOK July 2022
MidlandToday surprises Glenn Erwin with a Random Act of Kindness.

Glenn Erwin has been the lighting and sound technician at the Midland Cultural Centre for several years.

Not only is he the smiling face that people know and love when they visit the centre, but he also went above and beyond during the COVID-19 pandemic when the building was closed. Glenn took it upon himself to ensure that the building was safe and everything was working properly.

“There was nobody around [during the pandemic], so I would come in and check on the building every couple of days and make sure there weren't any major problems,” said Glenn.

For MidlandToday’s first Random Act of Kindness, we decided to surprise Glenn to thank him for all of his hard work at the centre.

“For all of the time I have known Glenn, he’s always been very selfless and thinks of others first,” Glenn’s anonymous nominator told MidlandToday. “People don’t know how much he really does until he’s not there to do it.”

The nominator said Glenn is dedicated to keeping the arts, culture and music scene vibrant here in Midland.

“Even during the pandemic he was always still here [at the MCC] and has always been the go-to person. He’s the face of the MCC. He’s making the community a better place by what he’s doing. Everyone loves him and I think he’s very deserving.”

“I was definitely surprised,” Glenn said of the random act of kindness. “I didn’t expect that at all.”

Thank you to our generous co-sponsors, The Boathouse Eatery and Phil’s Pub & Eatery, for making this Random Act of Kindness possible.

If you know someone deserving of a Random Act of Kindness, our nomination form is always open for new submissions.

If you would like to support our Random Acts of Kindness program, please email [email protected].