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LETTER: Putin is a 'thug' stuck in past Cold War mentality

'Forcing one's will on people or a country will only lead to more despair and chaos in this world,' says letter writer of Russia's attack on Ukraine
Russian President Vladimir Putin. File Photo

MidlandToday welcomes letters to the editor ([email protected]) The following letter is about Russia's attack on the Ukraine.

The world awakens each day to more vile political atrocities, manifested by what the majority of our world population now would call mentally unbalanced, narcissistic thinking, such as Vladimir Putin has exhibited.

This egotistical piece of work has no human morals, just a passion for administrating more pain and hardships upon his own citizens and the citizens of his neighbouring countries. I'm sure the majority of the world's people want peace and to live a normal life. To achieve this, many will try to accommodate within reason to achieve it.

Putin, who was a regimented KGB agent, is still living in the past of the Cold War era and many think that has affected his thug style of thinking which has been stuck in a type of road roundabout.

None of us as human beings want to be totally controlled by any dictatorial type of politician or political group such as in Russia or some other countries out there that exhibit total control over its people or try to.

People in general have many points of view or beliefs and need to understand its OK to express your views or concerns peacefully without causing any major disruptions to the population or to commerce.

Some government leaders never have the time of day to even talk to resolve a issue. Compromising talks on rational issues is and should be the course of action rather than invading and killing people. It seems that the privileged Russian political elites would rather brutalize, jail or even kill their own people as has been going on for so many years.

Russia's citizens need to see and wake up to how a regimented mafia type of Russian government infestation has taken control of their country, their lives and is still trying to do the same to a few other peaceful, sovereign countries.

Some would not agree and prefer to prop up these political criminals due to their family connections in the Russian government system, criminal family ties or prefer the Communist way; maybe they feel comfortable with the situation if it does not affect them in any way.

Forcing one's will on people or a country will only lead to more despair and chaos in this world. Plenty out there don't care.

Will it be "an eye for an eye" for the future or a diplomatic resolve?

A lesson that some of our so-called civilizations have not learned as of yet or refuse to learn.

Ray Kopylciw