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LETTER: Piping plovers need protection from cats too, reader says

Cats a much greater danger to bird species than dogs, Tiny resident says
2020-05-29 4
Flash the piping plover.

Midland Today welcomes letters to the editor. They can be sent to Please include your daytime phone number and address (for verification of authorship, not publication). This letter concerns a recent story on piping plovers returning to nest in Tiny Township.

Dear Editor,

Beautiful article you wrote on this rare bird.

I just read up on them in 'The Birds of Georgian Bay'--they'll nest in a simple sand depression.

Our home is 1/4 mile south of Balm Beach--on the water--and in your article you mention the dogs as a threat, but we believe the far bigger threat are the numerous cats unleashed in the neighbourhood stalking prey during the four seasons.

They are spotted daily--it would be nice if Tiny implemented a by-law prohibiting unleashed cats as well. It is estimated that 350 million birds are killed each year due to cats worldwide.

Mike Knell,

Tiny Township