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LETTER: Hiker dismayed by loads of litter dumped along Tay Trail

Jo-Anne Gorthy and her sister recently collected four huge garbage bags of litter along popular walking/biking trail
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Dear Editor,

Recently, my sister and I, who are with the Midland Hiking Club, volunteered to pick up garbage along the Tay Trail.

We did a section approximately 5.6 kilometres long. In this section, we collected five huge bags full of recycling, which mostly included coffee cups and water bottles. We collected four huge garbage bags of regular garbage, which included shoes, towels, diapers and dog poop bags.   

We picked up two small bags that had concrete in them, a big chunk of plastic, chunks of metal, a long piece of green clothesline.

There were also two bags of household garbage thrown in trees in the parking lot and another bag filled with dirty diapers, which we couldn’t pick up. There was also a dead porcupine and a bird.

We live in a beautiful community and the Tay Trail is enjoyed by many, many people.

PLEASE PLEASE KEEP IT CLEAN. Put your garbage in provided pails or take it home.

Jo-Anne Gorthy