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LETTER: From healthcare to restaurant menus, resident isn't happy with local options

Not all seniors who moved here from larger centres are millionaires, author says
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Why are there less senior care or services for free or low cost in this town?

I resided in Hamilton before moving here. Very often when entering a restaurant ( because of my grey hair), the first question was 'do you need a senior's menu?' I phoned several restaurants in town and asked, “do you have a senior's menu?"

I may have asked, "Do you serve on the moon?" Generally the result was 'what's a senior's menu or flatly no you just order a smaller meal.' How ignorant!

Also everything concerned with senior service COSTS!!! HUGELY! Seniors are on fixed income, not millionaires!

Also the healthcare in this area to be blunt SUCKS!

I developed pneumonia last December and to get adequate care I had to go to a clinic in Toronto. Why is that? My choices were my family doctor with a two-week wait or the inadequate clinic here or even worse go to emergency! Those are not and should not be the road to healthcare. I dont care what excuses you want to add to this, it's is not good enough!

Lives are at risk here! Ignorance is not the solution!

Jonathan Fike