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LETTER: Drivers need to show pedestrians more respect

Midland's bylaw department needs to be more proactive when it comes to homeowner lawn maintenance, resident also notes

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Dear Editor,

As a daily walker in Midland I see a lot and what gets to me most is the ignorance of drivers toward pedestrians and bikers on the trail not letting you know they are coming up behind you.

There is a pedestrian crosswalk on Bayshore Drive that very, very few people adhere to. I’m tired of fearing for my life when I cross at that crosswalk. People don’t respect pedestrians.

Another thing that I am upset about is a home near Yonge and Manly has let a hedge of weeds take over the sidewalk. It’s pretty bad when a citizen has to cut it down so one can walk on the sidewalk. Further down, a house on Yonge has not cut the grass all summer and has a smell of mouse urine coming from it.

I own a unit on Coral Springs and received a letter from bylaw that said he noticed someone had parked on the lawn and left ruts and that if it wasn’t repaired by a certain date I would be fined.

What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Just my thoughts,

Sharon Foster