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The 7 best free fitness apps to transform your 2023 health routine

Starting fresh with a new year is a great time to reinvigorate your fitness routine. Try these 7 apps for free, fun fitness routines that you can start today!

With the holiday season behind us (and perhaps some new streaming gadgets to use), now is the perfect time to get back on track with your workout routine or explore a new fitness activity! Hit the ground running (or jumping, or stretching) in 2023 with these seven free home-fitness apps. 

Yoga for Beginners (iOs and Android)


After the high-energy holiday season, we could all use a reminder to focus, centre, and connect with our bodies. If you’ve never tried yoga but would love to start, try Yoga for Beginners. As the name implies, this app is truly an introduction to yoga that will help you feel confident with each pose along the way. Choose from various yoga sessions and use the resources to fine-tune your form on the trickier poses. You also won’t be expected to try any crazy bends or headstands, so feel confident jumping right in.

Adidas Training by Runtastic

Are you looking for a bit of everything – pilates, abs, cardio, running – and a good way to track your progress towards a fitness goal?

The Adidas Training app is a great one-stop app to help you design and stick to a new workout routine this year. Based on your fitness goals and current activity level, the app suggests a plan that’s right for you. Get access to many different free programs based on your profile and browse through hundreds of standalone workouts, with options for all levels and available time. A premium version offers a personalized 12-week plan.


Have you ever wished you could afford the celebrity trainers and tailored workouts used by your favourite stars? Well, now you can! FitOn partners with many famous trainers and celebrities to bring you an ever-changing variety of exercises designed by the best. Customizable based on what kind of workout you’re looking for (strength, cardio, abs, etc.) and your fitness level, FitOn is a truly free app and has everything from yoga to HIIT.



If you’ve never been a runner but would love to start, the C25K (Couch to 5K) program is for you. Designed to incrementally increase your distance and speed over 9 weeks, this app is perfect for jump-starting a running routine. The website also hosts lots of motivational material as well as podcasts and playlists to listen to while you run. C25K makes it easy to schedule your workouts weeks in advance, so you can always plan to have enough time for that day’s route.


It’s often hard to find the time for a complete workout. The solution? Seven. Designed to provide a wide variety of 7-minute workouts (so that you never have an excuse to skip out), Seven will put you through the paces during those 420 seconds. You’ll end the workout feeling energized and accomplished – two things that’ll keep you coming back each day for more.


If you’re looking for a wellness and goal-oriented app, then 8fit is for you. Designed to help you map out a specific path towards your goal (weight loss, increased muscle, core strength, etc.), 8fit offers workouts, meal plans, and personalized recommendations. This app is designed to provide motivation, expert tips, and accountability on your wellness journey. An optional paid version unlocks even more workouts and more detailed meal plans.



If you’re motivated by the social aspect of exercise, then Strava might be right for you. Designed for runners, cyclists, and more (swimming, anyone?), Strava tracks all of your essential metrics each time you work out, and you can easily join communities online to share your progress and goals. There are also regular Challenges to complete alongside your virtual community!