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5 drool-worthy mid-century homes for sale in Canada right now

Mid-century modern architecture is a perennial favourite. Looking around Canada, you can find great examples of this style, both original and brand-new, in houses that are for sale today.

Mid-century modern architecture is a perennial favourite. With clean lines, large windows, open spaces, and an emphasis on functionality, connection to nature, and bringing the outdoors in, this style, which kicked off after WWII, is well suited for the way we still live or aspire to live, today.

Looking around Canada, you can find great examples of this style, both original and brand-new, in houses that are for sale today. Here are just a few.

This house in Winnipeg, Manitoba, is a beautiful example of a mid-century split level that still has so many original features. From the classic façade through to the living room with the incredible wood panelling and sloped ceiling, the house shows off its mid-century bones with pride.






The split-level dining and living room combo is a wonderful touch, and the homeowners have stayed true to the original mid-century vibe with the kitchen renovation, which includes matching wood panelled millwork and flat panel doors.

This house in Sechelt, British Columbia has the gorgeous mix of natural elements that are a hallmark of mid-century modern architecture, with the wood panelled ceiling and full-length brick fireplace. The clerestory windows in the living room, bringing the outdoors in, is another mid-century nod.


Notice the kitchen’s wrap-around windows and simple flat panel doors, keeping things clean. The backsplash is also simple, but adds wonderful texture to the room.

The bathroom colours of brown and green take us back to the 60s and 70s, when those colours were very predominant both in decorating and fashion.

This house in St. Catharines, Ontario, is a mix of original mid-century modern with some newer elements that don’t lend themselves to that style. The exterior view shows the gorgeous mid-century original design and shape on the right, and then an unfortunate garage addition on the left.







The entry hall has beautiful natural stone on the floor and an interesting glimpse into other rooms, and through the stairwells, as well as the texture of that natural brick fireplace, but the white marble floor and Shaker-style cabinets take us away from that classic mid-century feel.

Design mistakes are redeemed in the living room with the gorgeous fireplace wall, the wall of windows, and the clerestory beam-like windows dividing the living and dining rooms.

This stunning home in Loyalist, Ontario, was designed by a Swedish architect and you can see those influences here, as well as mid-century style. The exterior is classic mid-century with the sloping roof lines and mix of natural materials.






Inside, walls of windows, open concept living and dining rooms, that amazing brick fireplace wall and warm wooden furniture all add to the mid-century feel and look. Just look at the floor to ceiling fireplace, with that black metal chimney piece.

For a meticulous renovation that stays true to its original California-style mid-century roots, look no further than this stunner in Kaledon, British Columbia, on the shores of Skaha Lake. 

The inside flows seamlessly to the outside with continuous wood and beams, and the bar area tilework is en pointe.






The fireplace is a classic oval shape from the 60s, and goes perfectly with the mid-century design theme in this amazing home. The kitchen again perfectly marries the mid-century theme, being separate yet connected to the living area, as it would have been in the middle of the century.

Even the bathroom has elements of the design, with a brick wall, funky 60s style tilework, and a window to the outdoors, with nothing out of place to mar the design.

It is obvious mid-century modern style is still influencing the way we choose to live today, and likely will be, for years to come.