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Midland is paving the way to a revised Downtown Parking Program for 2025


The Town of Midland is that much closer to implementing a revised downtown parking program for 2025 as directed by Town Council. Updates include the appointment of the Ad Hoc Parking Committee, removing paid parking terminals to prepare them for resale, removing outdated paid parking signage in the downtown core and the Harbour, and installing new signage identifying parking restrictions. Free parking remains in effect in the Downtown and at the Harbour until the new program is approved.      

Ad Hoc Parking Committee

Council directed staff to terminate the paid parking program in December 2023, and strike an ad hoc committee to develop cost recovery and revenue options for Council to consider under a new parking program. Member appointments to the Committee are now complete with representation from Council, the Downtown BIA, and one citizen of Midland. It is anticipated the Ad Hoc Parking Committee will hold its first meeting in May 2024. Meetings will be held in Council Chambers during Town Hall business hours and are open to the public. Visit the Town’s website here, for committee meeting information.

Removal and sale of parking terminals

Paid parking terminals (machines) will be removed from the Harbour and downtown core in a 2-phased approach. Phase 1 begins May 8, 2024, with machines throughout the downtown streets (excluding King Street), Harbour and Bayshore Drive being removed. Phase 2 of the removals will focus on King Street; however this requires newly manufactured covers to protect the wiring installed on King Street. This phase will begin in the coming weeks once the covers are ready.

Staff will follow the Town’s Procurement By-law to sell the machines in the open market once all terminals are removed.

Paid parking signage 

Residents and visitors will see the outdated signage from the previous paid parking program removed in the coming weeks. This includes all existing paid parking signage in the lots, on downtown streets including King Street, and at the Harbour.

Signage for parking restrictions

The existing signage in the downtown lots that identify overnight parking restrictions, and the 8-hour daily parking limit, will remain in place. New on-street signs will be installed indicating a 2-hour parking limit along King Street to encourage turnover on the main street. Parking restrictions and associated fines are identified in the parking by-law which can be found on the Town’s website here.

For further updates to the parking program or to see the Town’s Parking Map for convenient parking locations in the downtown lots and streets, at the Harbour and along Bayshore Drive, visit the Town’s parking page here.

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