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Council Meeting Highlights - May 1, 2024


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Engineering Design Standards

Council approved an update to the Town’s Engineering Design Standards document, which was last updated in 2012. The Town’s Engineering Design Standards is a formal document which details guidelines and specifications for the development and building community to ensure the Town infrastructure is designed and built to support sustainable development.  Read the staff report.

Implications of Provincial Bill 185, “Cutting Red Tape to Build More Homes Faster Act”

Council authorized Planning staff to provide official Town comments to the Province of Ontario regarding the Provincial Planning Statement, 2024, and Bill 185, “Cutting Red Tape to Build More Homes Faster Act”, which if passed, could have both positive and negative impacts on the development approvals process and future growth implications for the Town of Midland.  Staff comments will be provided through the Environmental Registry of Ontario.  Read the staff report.

Midland Active Transportation Advisory Committee (MATAC) presentation on the Yonge Street Reconstruction Project

Council received a presentation from representatives of the MATAC regarding their concerns about the future of active transportation infrastructure as part of the Yonge Street Reconstruction Project. Council supported the MATAC recommendation to consider an option to include cycling lanes in the approved design of the Yonge Street Reconstruction Project when the staff report comes back to Council for approval. See the MATAC presentation and recommendations.

Community Risk Assessment - Presentation

Council received a Community Risk Assessment (CRA) presentation from the Loomex Group. The Province requires that all municipalities and fire departments in Ontario conduct a CRA prior to July 1, 2024. A CRA identifies and examines which threats a community is most likely to face from a fire perspective to help make informed decisions about fire protection services. View the presentation

2022 Year-End Financial Report

Council received and adopted the recommendations presented in a financial services staff report which outlined the Town’s 2022 year-end financial results for operating and capital. Council also approved transfers from reserves pertaining to budget vs. actual results for the fiscal year. Read the report.

Authorization for Council member absence from Council meetings

Council passed a motion to authorize a three-month absence from attending Council meetings for Councillor Sheldon East. Council has the authority to grant this under the Municipal Act

Feeding wild animals in Town

Council passed a motion directing staff to research and prepare a by-law prohibiting feeding wild animals on private property within the Town of Midland and consider an exemption to feeding small wild birds on private property, with measures to deter wild animals from feeding on spilled birdseed.  

Standards for vacant commercial storefronts in downtown Midland

Council passed a motion for staff to investigate a potential by-law for commercial properties that would require landowners and investors to maintain the appearance and cleanliness of vacant stores in the downtown core. Staff were instructed to work with the BIA to implement a beautification program for the downtown area.

Vacant building tax or fee in downtown Midland

Council passed a motion to investigate the feasibility of a tax or fee for vacant commercial buildings in the downtown core including those facing King Street north of Yonge Street and extending to the Harbour.

Hope, Housing and Health Symposium, 2024

 Council will plan a second Hope Housing and Health Symposium in the Town of Midland based on positive outcomes from the first symposium held in Midland in October 2023.  The first symposium resulted in the development of a Community Response Toolkit document to support the community on homelessness prevention, health resources and community safety support. 

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