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Trade in your leased vehicle for the brand and make you really want

Bourgeois Auto Group accepts off brand leased vehicles for trade in

Given the shortages in the automotive supply chain that challenged the industry during COVID many consumers were left scrambling to find new inventory to buy or lease. That meant consumers wound up in less-than-ideal vehicles for their needs.

Now that automotive manufacturing is back on track and inventory levels have returned to pre-pandemic levels, current owners are looking to take advantage of the wide variety of makes and models available on the market. Whether you opted into a lease during COVID or purchased a vehicle outright, there are ways to get you into the car or truck you really want to drive.

“If you bought or leased a vehicle and you really don’t think it suits your needs, don’t worry. We can help,” said Tom Murray, Sales and Leasing Consultant with the Bourgeois Auto Group of car dealerships. “If you leased the wrong vehicle, it doesn’t matter which brand, come by and see me. We can get you out of a lease and into a car that suits your needs.”

As a leasing specialist, Murray said he has dealt with multiple customers who wound up making snap decisions during COVID just to ensure they were driving a new vehicle.

“People were kind of forced into accepting what was available instead of having the ability to shop around for what they really needed. You’re not stuck. You’re not tied to your lease. There is a way to get out of it and to get you into what you really want to be driving.”

According to Murray, the process to move you out of a lease or to get you maximum value for your trade is not complicated. In fact, he said that the administration involved in the process would only take a half-hour to an hour to get you into a new car. Additionally, Murray said working with the Bourgeois Auto Group gives you access to all the company’s dealerships and vehicle inventory, which includes cars and trucks from Ford, Nissan, and Hyundai.

“We start by assessing the vehicle you’re leasing or hoping to trade in,” he said. “We see if you’re above or below the allotted kilometres on your lease. We can determine if there are any penalties and then work with you to determine which brand you’d like to purchase or lease from Bourgeois.”

One of the best new choices available from the Bourgeois Group is the all-new fully redesigned Hyundai KONA SUV. The KONA offers an advanced active cornering control system which monitors driver input and road conditions, automatically applying power and braking force to the appropriate wheels to maintain course in adverse conditions. It also offers a standard 2.0L MPI 4-cylinder engine with intelligent variable transmission.

“It’s a neat little machine, it’s very fuel efficient, and it’s very very safe,” said Murray.

The Bourgeois Auto Group also offers a wide variety of new EVs and hybrid vehicles from which to choose.

Before you make your final decision on your next step towards a new vehicle, drop into any of the Bourgeois Auto Group dealerships to learn more or to test drive any vehicle. Visit them online here.