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The Mortgage Centre Midland and Sun Life Midland join forces and open the doors to their new location

Celebrating a truly Grand Opening at 540 Hugel Avenue

On Thursday, October 5th, community members gathered for a grand opening celebration at 540 Hugel Avenue. The occasion was complete with tours of the new facility, refreshments and special guests, including a ribbon-cutting and plaque presentation by Mayor Bill Gordon.

The official unveiling of this welcoming property signified more than just the new home of Sun Life and The Mortgage Centre in Midland; they opened the doors to a joint venture built on a foundation of hard work, shared vision, and friendship. It’s the story of people helping people.


Roberta Courtemanche B.A., CFP®, CLU® is a Financial Planner, and owner of Sun Life Midland. Just down the hall is Jenna Lorette, Mortgage Broker and owner of The Mortgage Centre Midland.

After meeting several years ago at a local networking group, Jenna and Roberta forged a friendship and began discussing their plans for the future. Realizing the strength and potential of their shared goals, the two entrepreneurs set out in search the perfect location to house both businesses and found that space at 540 Hugel Avenue.

“Jenna was born and raised in Midland, and I moved to Midland over 30 years ago” says Courtemanche, who holds strong appreciation for the support of Midland’s dedicated business community. “I think in our town, everyone is very supportive of local business. But when you are a business owner, you try to be even more supportive. If someone is opening up a business, you share the news with everyone you know and support that business. “It’s the cycle of paying it forward.”


Housed in a beautiful century home, the shared location provides clients the access to mortgage and financial service experts under one roof. Both Jenna and Roberta offer an open-door policy and a warm, welcoming environment for existing clients and those seeking information and advice on mortgage, insurance and investing options. “We want people to feel like they can pop by to see if we are available and if not, set up an appointment,” Jenna explains. “We welcome everyone.”

At 540 Hugel Avenue, clients are able to access a range of professional services:

  • At The Mortgage Centre Midland, Jenna Lorette and her team offer residential and commercial mortgages from institutional banks, private mortgage lenders and everything in between. Jenna works with a variety of lenders to help her clients obtain the best mortgage solution to save them thousands of dollars over the life of their mortgage. Rock Capital Mortgages is the Broker of Record.
  • At Sun Life, Roberta Courtemanche provides life, health and wealth strategies, “holistic planning” solutions to help her clients meet their goals. These include life, health, disability and critical illness insurance as well as employer group benefit plans, any type of investment account and financial planning services. She works together with clients as their lives and goals grow and change.

It is a shared space that provides the perfect opportunity for those needing to access both. “If someone comes in to use my services, I would be able to help clients holistically with their plans,” Roberta explains. When I have a client who is saving for a home purchase and needs a mortgage, they are able to meet Jenna at the same time. If someone is meeting with Jenna to remortgage or apply for their first mortgage, there's an opportunity to talk to someone like myself about protecting that debt.”


Both Roberta and Jenna understand that applying for a mortgage or discussing insurance and investment options can be stressful and intimidating. They’ve gone the extra mile to create a space where all clients feel welcome, comfortable and secure.

Says Roberta, “We are both here to help people through those situations and give them the best advice we can. Please feel comfortable to stop by anytime to see our new location and meet us in person, we would really welcome that.” 

To learn more about Sun Life Midland, visit their website or follow their socials on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, and find The Mortgage Centre Midland on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and X.