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Bring your appliance home today with Barber & Haskill

Local appliance store stands out with immediate availability and customer-centric services

Amidst supply chain issues, Barber & Haskill maintains over a thousand appliances in stock, ensuring buyers can get the appliance they want right when needed. 

Tom Barber, the third-generation owner of Barber & Haskill, a local business operating since 1938, said his company offers impressive in-stock inventory and customer-oriented services.

"To accommodate customer needs, we hold over 400 different products in our local warehouse, ready for immediate customer access," said Barber. 

This approach addresses a significant pain point that arose during the pandemic — the widespread uncertainty of ordering appliances. 

While many retailers rely on manufacturers for stock, Barber & Haskill’s strategy ensures a consistent supply, circumventing global supply chain issues like dockworker strikes, border problems, and unexpected incidents like the blocking of the Suez Canal.

Their website, updated daily, flags in-stock items, simplifying the shopping process. 

"We've refined our website to make it easy for customers to see what's available. They can sort by 'in stock' items, and we even show availability from main vendors like Whirlpool," Barber explained.

He said 65–70 per cent of appliance purchases are made under duress, often requiring immediate replacement. Barber & Haskill’s readiness to meet these urgent needs gives them an edge over competitors. 

"For many, especially those needing a refrigerator or freezer immediately, our in-stock availability is crucial," Barber added.

Customers can pick up their purchases directly from the nearby warehouse or opt for fast local delivery. While same-day or next-day delivery isn't always guaranteed due to high demand, the company strives to meet customer needs as promptly as possible.

Barber & Haskill differentiates itself through expertise and personalized service.

"Our staff specializes in appliances with decades of experience, offering a low-pressure, informative sales environment," Barber stated.

The company also addresses the evolving needs of the community through seasonal events like Black Friday and Boxing Week sales, ensuring customers get the best deals.

In addition to competitive pricing, Barber & Haskill offers a unique "don't use it, don't lose it" warranty, providing credits for unused warranty services. This and their in-house service department add another layer of customer satisfaction.

"With our new store, advanced website features, and a focus on immediate availability, we aim to provide an elevated shopping experience, reflecting our legacy of trust and service in Midland and surrounding area," he said. 

Visit Barber & Haskill at 880 King Street, Midland, ON L4R 0B8, where you'll find an extensive range of appliances ready for immediate pick-up.

Need directions or have specific questions? Call 705-526-7811 or email [email protected].