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Easter weekend marks homage to local churches

In Midland, the churches have been at the centre of the community since its inception

Eternity is fairly long, hard to measure, but we try. We mark our passage by big events like Christmas and Easter.

The sun passes away and then returns. We have landmarks for these events within the larger calendar. Our faith in the west is measured by the middle east. Our sacred book is a collection of stories called the Bible. So much of our written literature is derived from those stories.

Faith in the west returns with the sun and hope is present again and we think about sowing anew. Our churches are the embodiment of these ideas and reflect our aspirations for community.

In Midland, the churches have been at the centre of the community since its inception.

Father Laboureau is said to have had Midland as part of his charge along with Victoria Harbour, Waubaushene and Port Severn. By horse and sleigh in winter.

Father Roselle Cyrille R. Azares serves St. Margaret's Parish today. Presbyterians had their first ordained missionary for Midland in Rev. Alfred  Scott in 1876. Rev. Alton Ruff reaches us today with Living Lent on YouTube. Anglicans had Rev. Jupp and his sister to build St. Marks years ago. Rev. Martin Giebel, greatly loved by Anglicans and Lutherans alike, preaches a weekly sermon. Lovely church and stained glass, Third and Easy.

Methodists built their St. Paul's on King in 1901. Karen Ptolemy Stam in the pulpit here.

The Baptists have been in Midland since the work of Lambert and Tench in  the 1870s. Cliff Rummenie is Pastor at Cavalry Baptist and Padre for RCL Branch # 80.

A caring community focused on Holy Week. Happy Easter!

Editor's note: This article originally appeared in 2021.