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VIDEO: Gourd-thieving bear has trouble stealing Sudbury family’s pumpkin

Watch this furry critter roll around with a large pumpkin as he tries to make off with the tasty treat

Who doesn’t love pumpkins? Well, not everyone loves them as much as this black bear who visited a Sudbury couple’s home in the dead of night to steal a large pumpkin that was part of a front porch display.

Ashley Larose told that she had just put up new fall decorations, including a large pumpkin, outside her door. That’s when this big furry guy decided to take the pumpkin for a midnight snack.

“He sure seemed to enjoy our Fall display!” Larose said when she shared the video.

The Greater Sudbury region is home to many trails and lakes, but with these wild areas comes the potential for encounters with wildlife. 

Here are a few safety tips from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry if you are ever caught meeting a bear:

  1. Stop. Do not panic. Remain calm.
  2. Slowly back away while keeping the bear in sight and wait for it to leave.
  3. If the bear does not leave, throw objects, wave your arms above your head and make a lot of loud noises.
  4. Prepare to use bear spray (or carry some with you when you’re in areas you might encounter one).
  5. If you are near a building or vehicle get inside as a precaution.
  6. Drop any food you may be carrying and slowly move away.
  7. If a bear is in a tree, leave it alone. Leave the area. The bear will come down when it feels safe.

Of course, if a bear makes off with your pumpkin, there’s not much you can do at that point except maybe share the video with We love seeing your wildlife videos and sharing them. Send yours to