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Tiny taking further steps to ensure water quality in Teedon Pit area

Council asks staff to invite scientists studying water levels in the area to provide an update on various studies and to assess the feasibility of adding monitoring wells to the area
Council voted to take some more actions around Teedon Pit water quality.

Tiny Township is looking to gain more insight into how it can protect its water following the renewal of a permit to take water for Teedon Pit.

"One of the things I brought up was trying to get more information about the study that's happening," said Coun. Cindy Hastings. "I know we've received an update, but I think we need to get a better understanding of what's being studied and the timing of it.

"We also talked about having our monitoring wells, so perhaps that can assist with the studies that are being undertaken," she added.

Coun. Tony Mintoff wanted to throw the ball in CRH Canada Group Inc.'s court.

"It’s my understanding is that the CRH issued some correspondence the other day and through that I found out that we weren’t notified officially as a township," he said.

"I’m not in favour of spending taxpayer dollars to have Burnside tell us when these monitoring wells should be done, it’s clearly CRH’s responsibility," added Mintoff. "Perhaps we can include the burden of those costs in our appeal."

Hastings said her suggestion around additional well monitoring came from residents' concerns about who is monitoring and who is reporting.

"If we have our own wells, we can monitor as we see fit," she said. "I’m not suggesting we spend the money today, but it would be a good idea to have a report come back to look at the cost of installation and monitoring and where we would install them."

In addition, Hastings said, it might be a good idea to reach out to the company and ask if it would be interested in resurrecting the community liaison committee to increase communication between the township and CRH.

Council went into closed session to discuss further details around the reporting matter and came back with a plan to direct staff to create a report on the feasibility of municipal monitoring wells in the area. Staff will also ask CRH to provide any correspondence related to the community liaison committee meetings.