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Backyard birding: the friendliest birds you'll ever meet (Photo Gallery)

Area backyard birdwatcher and photographer Jon Vopni shares his images of chickadees

Since the pandemic has forced Jon Vopni to stay home more, he's been enjoying the extra time to do some backyard birding.

This week, Vopni is sharing his photos and observations of chickadees. 

He calls these birds the "friendliest," and has included a photo of his mother with a chickadee pall of her own. 

The black-capped chickadee is a common bird spotted all over the area. They are compact with a thin, short bill. They have a black "cap" on the top of their head with white cheeks and a contrast bib. 

Their song is two notes, and it often sounds like they are calling out to their friends like "yoo-hoo!" 

You can hear a recording of the chickadee song in this video: