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'Spandex brigade,' not e-bikes biggest issue on local trails

Some cyclists 'fly along the paths at 40-plus kilometres per hour, have no warning devices and no consideration for others,' reader says
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If I may comment regarding e-bikes, I completely agree with Andrew Philips’ column entitled: Rude, oblivious behaviours biggest trail issues.

I believe it is simply a matter of communication/education/awareness. As I mentioned previously; I walk and ride the trails everyday.

The vast majority of e-bike riders are seniors who ride at a leisurely pace and provide warning of approach to others, myself included.

How many seniors will we put at risk if we force them onto the roads? I now use my e-bike for all my errands for which I used to drive my car, is this not what our eco-warriors (and government) are demanding?

The most dangerous riders are the “spandex brigade,” as a previous letter writer had so aptly described them.

They fly along the paths at 40-plus kilometres per hour, have no warning devices and no consideration for others. I know that because my bike has a speedometer…theirs don’t.

Finally, if I keep my e-bike at pedal assist zero or the battery is not charged it then becomes simply a bicycle, and, therefore should it not then be immune to the ban?

How on earth do you enforce that? As always, bureaucrats resort to the easiest solution, for them….ban it!

Steve Rowe