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LETTER: Reader sounds alarm about election security

Midland man says he received voter cards, PINs for son and daughter, who haven't lived in town for years
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My wife and I have lived in Midland for 29 years. We recently received our 2022 municipal election confirmations for electronic voting. This notice was informative and appeared secure as we have our own personal identification numbers (PINs).

However, to our surprise, we also received the same notices for our son and daughter with their PINs for the Midland election. They have not resided with us in Midland for several years and this has never happened before. They have confirmed that they are registered to vote in their respective municipalities for the upcoming election.

The notice states that it is against the law for anyone to vote more than once for any elected office. What is preventing someone (not us) from using these additional PINs and voting more than once for their choice of candidates?

The voters list for municipalities is outdated. The electronic voting system that Midland has introduced appears flawed and open to corruption. An in-person voting system with ID screening is far more secure and would avoid this potential problem.

Keith Sherman