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LETTER: More readers voice displeasure over Midland's new parking meters

Trio of local residents condemn Midland's new pay parking system, saying they now avoid going downtown
2021-09-23 ap_134738
Parking metres like this one are now found throughout Midland's downtown core.

MidlandToday welcomes letters to the editor at [email protected]. Please include your daytime phone number and address (for verification of authorship, not publication). The following three letters concern Midland's new pay parking system.

Dear Editor,

I tried using Midland's new meters and have had difficulty each time.

I tried my credit card. Told me it was invalid. Tried my debit card .. same thing. I even tried using change and it still would not work. At least it was a sunny day standing there trying each type of payment. What if it’s pouring rain or a snowstorm?

Sorry Midland, but I won’t be shopping in the downtown anymore because of the hassle each and every time I’ve tried.

It’s not worth the aggravation.

Cheryl Bisschop


Dear Editor,

I've lived in Midland all my life and never had a problem with parking downtown to shop.

With this new parking ticket machine, it is very frustrating. The writing is so small on the bottom of the meter, and if the sun is shining, forget about seeing at all. So I put my money in and think I pressed the right spot and the machine either won’t take my money or will not give me a receipt. So I wonder if I’m going to get a ticket, just in case it didn’t work.

So now I can’t even enjoy taking my dog for a walk at the Town Dock because I have to pay. Ridiculous, and pretty sad.

And now I have to pay for parking to go and enjoy a drink or lunch at The Boathouse. Ridiculous also, this will deter people, and we all know what could happen there. The Boathouse is a beautiful place overlooking our beautiful Georgian Bay.

Why did Midland have to start being so greedy? Why not think of your taxpayers and not just tourists, although this could deter them also. Wasn’t really a very good thought-out plan in my opinion. I guess taxpayers aren’t important to our town, but really we are the town. Just my opinion

Debbie Messenger

Dear Editor,

Its very interesting how midland residents are responding to this parking issue.

I also am also avoiding parking on the main street.

My wife and I would park on main street and take a walk and visit the shops along the way..grabbing a snack at one of the restaurants and go sit at a bench at the waterfront.

We have not none this because of the $$$. Of parking.

We don't even go sit at the waterfront anymore.

Just to go banking.. is $$$. So we now don't go to the bank..we do it all online.

And if we need to withdraw money we do it elsewhere with no parking cost.

Ken Heroux