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LETTER: Midland Bay Landing should be turned into a park for all to enjoy

'So many towns and cities understand the value of public spaces on water that Midland seems to be blind to,' writer notes
2020-07-29 ap
Petition calls for turning Midland Bay Landing into a waterfront park. Andrew Philips/MidlandToday

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Re:  Midland Bay Landing
As Gord McKay often said, Little Lake Park is a jewel.  He was right, but there is a far greater jewel called Georgian Bay.
At the present time, past and  (if citizens do not act) present councils seem to be ready to squander a large piece of vacant land that should be turned into public property for all of the citizens of Midland to enjoy.
There is a lot of land for development within Midland without building private homes on this waterfront. And those properties will generate taxes. 
A community is appealing because of the public attractions and institutions it has available. Transplants like to live in an area that is exciting for its cultural events and opportunities as well as it's natural area and opportunities for recreation.
Walking and biking along a waterfront trail (such as the Aberdeen area) is not the same as sitting near the water and enjoying an afternoon looking out at the activity and maybe having a swim. It is good for your mental health.
It is my understanding that the group (Midland Bay Landing Development Board) put together to provide a plan to council consists of land developers with some perhaps not even being citizens of Midland.
Land developers tend to be in the business of building subdivisions and a group such as this is more likely to see houses instead of public areas.  That is likely their mindset.
It is a shame that in order to enjoy a park on Georgian Bay or a large lake we have to leave Midland and travel to Penetang, Barrie, Orillia or even towns on Lake Huron.  So many towns and cities understand the value of public spaces on water that Midland seems to be blind to.
I have signed the petition that has been created and I urge others to do the same.  We do not have time to wait.
I would also like to see a referendum on this issue because once we have lost this opportunity we will never have it back. I would also like to hear from individual council members speak up on this issue.
Carol Philips