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LETTER: It’s the small things that make the day

Local resident says one can often find bright spots, even on the greyest of days
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Andrew Philips/Midland Today

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Today is quintessential November, unrelenting grey sky, chilly temperatures and light snow without even the cheer of Christmas lights; a recipe for depression and COVID anxiety.

Enter three totally unrelated events, which transformed the gloom.

In the bush beside an urban walking trail close to a subdivision, a small, very white  mammal was scratching around on the forest floor. I assumed it to be a pet which had escaped captivity.

With a dazzling coat and long tail banded with black it appeared unfazed by my scrutiny. Google tells me that it’s an ermine, which I previously knew only as trim for royal cloaks in St. Petersburg or Westminster. What a privilege to actually see it alive in its habitat!

Later in the supermarket line, the lady in front of me insisted that I take her place. A very kind gesture much appreciated by an old woman with two full shopping baskets.

After lunch, a male cardinal lit up the dull brown grass under the bird feeder with his glowing plumage. As only an occasional visitor, each appearance is a delight.

Midland continues to offer unexpected pleasures even in November.

Fortunately the ermines and the cardinals aren’t in lockdown and thoughtful people show up in unexpected places.

Elizabeth O’Connor