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LETTER: East's homeless comments 'disgusting, disgraceful'

'I challenge you to get off your high horse and go live like them for a couple weeks,' reader says regarding Midland Coun. Sheldon East's words to Guesthouse CEO
2022-01-17 Homelessness 2
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Description: This is in response to Sheldon East’s comment on the homeless .

How absolutely disgusting in your response to the Guesthouse CEO Mr. Sykes.

Nothing in your statement was professional or empathetic to the less fortunate of our town.

Last fall, I prepared food to take to the homeless, who were so appreciative of the fact someone cared about them.

Mr. East, your comments were disgraceful.

When our homeless are out all day with no place to go, what do you expect them to do as far as “peeing in public.” Have you never taken a long drive and had to whip it out on the side of the road to urinate?

Why don’t you invite them into your jewellery store to use your washroom? Bring them in and let them warm up! I challenge you to get off your high horse and go live like them for a couple weeks.

Better yet, bring some nice warm soup or coffee and apologize for your unkind words.

As well, you clearly aren’t gaining respect from the town acting like this. Furthermore, someone should have stopped you from slamming Mr. Sykes. Why was this allowed to continue?

You were voted in by the people and can be taken out by them. I’m sorry I wasted a vote on you but it won’t happen again …. Guaranteed.

Lori St. Amant