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LETTER: Crime is getting out of control

'We certainly are not safe just being out and around in our own communities,' says letter writer
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There are serious, very serious crimes occurring that are making our communities not safe at all to even be in.

A recent news report indicated that one of two suspects wanted (by South Simcoe Police) in connection to a May 2022 carjacking of a 77-year-old senior woman has been arrested.

In August 2023, the police issued warrants for two male suspects on multiple charges, including robbery, assault with a weapon and motor vehicle theft. Both suspects were under 25 and the two approached the 77-year-old senior armed with a knife and grabbed her keys, pushed her to the ground and fled the scene in her vehicle at a Tim Hortons.

There was a conviction for sexual assault stemming from an incident that occurred at a local restaurant in Bracebridge on Jan. 17, 2019, and the owner of the restaurant was sentenced to 12 months in custody followed by a term of probation.

There was the recent report of a Gravenhurst taxi owner who was arrested and charged with sexual assault of a passenger.

These crimes are very, very serious crimes, and you have to wonder what is happening in our communities and in our country by people who commit crimes. We certainly are not safe just being out and around in our own communities due to serious crimes being committed. You have to be very cautious just taking a taxi and going places in our communities due to the crimes being committed.

Doug Abernethy