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LET'S EAT: Chef Bill serves up 'drunken' jams, jellies and marmalades (8 photos)

With a wealth of culinary experience, Bill Proulx offers a wide range of tempting food choices at his Bay Street shop

Since its grand opening in June, Chef Bill has been able to come back to his hometown of Midland and joyfully spread his passion for cooking.

Located on Bay Street in Midland, Chef Bill Proulx presents locals and tourists with a taste of meals, jams, jellies, charcuterie boards and much more.

As a Red Seal Chef for over 40 years, he is glad to be able to be with customers again and exercise his passion for all things food. Over the years, he has worked as a chef in multiple restaurants as well as long-term care homes.

“About five years ago when I retired, I got bored, I wanted to get back to it,” said Proulx after his retirement from the restaurant industry. And that’s exactly what he did.

With the help of his fiancé Sarah, the journey to the creation of Chef Bill’s began at craft shows. Proulx began entering small craft shows and wanted to stand out from everyone else.

He began making his “drunken” jams. He started with a Strawberry Daquiri jam, which sold out in its first appearance and the chef went from there.

For two years, Proulx searched for properties to make and sell his products. Along with his own creations, the restaurant and shop also features a number of other vendors he came into contact with at craft shows earlier in his career.

“I am Métis, I run the business and am proud to offer Birchbark Coffee, among other vendors, in my shop; for which $1 of each bag of coffee goes to fresh water for the Indigenous communities.”

He offers online orders and now happily welcomes customers in store for browsing or to grab a bite to eat. A few hours’ notice is necessary when ordering food, as it is made from scratch.

There is no deep fryer, microwave or anything of the kind used in Chef Bill’s food process to ensure the production of good quality food.

“The customers, that’s what I’ve missed,” explains Proulx, “to make people happy with my food.”

To order, view the products or locate some recipes, click here.