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INSIDE THE VILLAGE: Your grandchild is not in jail, don't send money!

This week on the podcast: From grandparent scams to romance ripoffs to bogus job offers, fraud has become a multi-billion dollar industry. We talk to an expert about why phishing is flourishing

Welcome back to Inside the Village, a one-of-a-kind podcast where all news is local — and no topic is off-limits.

On this week's episode: Phishing for dollars.

From grandparent scams to romance frauds, phishing has become a daily part of life — forcing all of us to be constantly looking over our digital shoulder.

Last year alone, Canadians lost more than $500 million to fraud (and that’s just the small percentage of people who actually report being scammed).

Jeff Horncastle has heard it all. A spokesman for the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, he joins us on the podcast to talk about why this crime is skyrocketing, how fraudsters are using generative AI to their advantage, and what you can do to protect yourself.

Here’s one helpful tip: If someone calls to say your grandson needs bail money, he doesn’t. It’s a scam.

Also on the podcast: There is affordable housing out there — if you’re willing to live in a nudist resort.

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