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Sarah Durant

Sarah Durant

We are a caring network of mental health providers with a goal of helping people and not turning anyone away. We warmly welcome all who come to us.
Our clients have a variety of needs. Some people would like to better cope with everyday life; others want help with substance use issues or mental health disorders. We often get referrals to our clinic when previous treatments have not worked.
Central to our network is a core group of clinic personnel that are finely tuned to the needs of our community. This allows us to respond in a nimble and timely way, customizing an approach that works best for the individual. Within this core group we have a registered psychotherapist, a psychiatrist, and a student clinic.
We also have an extended team that offer specialized services through NSTN and a robust referral system that includes a community of caregivers that we have built strong connections with over the years.
Because we are highly networked in this way, we can help you find the most suitable treatment options if our core team does not meet your needs. We help ensure you are properly connected and we often provide interim support at our clinic until you begin receiving services at the referred site.

About North Simcoe Therapy Network