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Bajic Denture Clinic is recognized as a Community Leader through their investment in expanding local news coverage. Thanks to their participation in the Community Leaders Program we are able to enhance areas of content in Midland that were underserved in the past. Bajic Denture Clinic proudly supports Then and Now, which shares historical photos and personal stories of past people, places, and events and connects them to their significance today.

Located in the heart of Midland, Bajic Denture Clinic provides a full range of denture services, including new dentures, relines and repairs.  Specializing in implant dentures, our fully equipped lab allows us to make premium partial and full dentures on site.

Bringing the latest technology and science to our community has always been our priority in order to provide the best treatment options for our patients. We are the first and only Denture Clinic practicing the new technique of Lower Suction Dentures in the Simcoe region. With this new way of fabricating dentures we are able to provide a lower denture that stays in the mouth and does not become loose with eating or speaking. These dentures are ideal for patients who are having difficulties with loose dentures and are looking for a better solution.

The latest addition to our clinic is digital dentures. With the use of intraoral scanners, we eliminate the need for impressions in the patient's mouth. We digitally design, print or mill all of our dentures in house. Digitally designed and manufactured dentures have a better fit, less appointments for the patient and are five times as strong compared to traditional dentures.

Bajic Denture Clinic is a family owned and operated clinic. Nada and Vladimir who are husband and wife strive that every patient gets the best treatment possible. We participate in many community events and contribute to Midland Hospital charity foundation.

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