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The Village Media Network (Midland)

Village Media’s mandate is to strengthen the communities we serve. We do that through great local journalism, a lot of community involvement, and amazing community-based marketing programs that have revolutionized marketing for local businesses.

The majority of our staff are journalists. And the money from our amazing marketing programs funds our local journalism and community initiatives. That’s the cycle of community support that powers our organization and the Village Media Network!

Today, the Village Media Network includes more than 20 local news sites in Ontario, which are visited by more than 3mil Ontario readers each month. In addition, the Network pushes out content through social media and email to over 600,000 readers daily.

Thousands of businesses have connected to the Village Network to reach our readers and provide them with the information they need to shop and hire locally.

To take a tour of the Village Network and to find out what it means for a business to get connected, click here.


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