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Local OSPCA awaiting word on reopening date

Staff concerned that animals continue to be abandoned when shelter not open
2020-03-14 ap 1
Timber says 'hello' while litter mate Tundra checks out the Midland animal centre. Andrew Philips/MidlandToday

While more businesses and organizations can soon start operating again, the local SPCA hasn’t yet been given the green light.

“We don’t currently have a timeline for reopening, but our provincial head office is working on a plan,” said Robin Elliott, community development coordinator at the Midland Animal Centre.

“We will continue to provide care and enrichment for the animals in our centres. We will also continue to offer community outreach services and essential services while remaining in compliance with public health orders.”

Elliott said the 310-SPCA call centre will continue to be a resource for communities.

“These operating procedures, along with observing public health practices, are the best way to provide service while keeping our staff, our animals and the public safe and healthy,” she said.

“Along with the province and the public and private sectors, the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society is currently developing plans to reintegrate into society. Our approach will be phased in, cautious and flexible. While we do not have a starting date yet, we will have information regarding the plan available in the coming weeks.”

Elliott said staff are continuing to see animals being abandoned at the centre.

“We are asking the public to please not do that,” she said. “It is not only unsafe for the animals, but is putting additional strain on our facility resources and staff. Our 310-SPCA helpline is there to provide support, so we urge people to please call and see how we can help.”