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Adopt Me: Gareth the chinchilla (adopted)

He needs to take “dust baths” about two times a week

MidlandToday, in partnership with the SPCA Midland Animal Centre, brings you a regular feature highlighting a special pet that is in need of adoption.


This is Gareth, and Gareth is a chinchilla! Chinchillas are really fun pets, and can be very cuddly and quirky.

In order to keep their coats beautiful, they actually need to take “dust baths” about two times a week. This helps to remove excess oils and keep them looking sleek and shiny. 

While all animals are a lifetime commitment, many think that the life span of rodents is not that long. Not so with chinchillas! They can live up to 20 years healthy and happy, so plan to be with your little friend for a long time. 

Fun fact: Chinchillas can jump up to 6 feet from a standstill if they feel threatened or scared.

Would you like a Gareth in your life? Please contact the Midland Centre at 705-534-4459 for more information about this unique little guy.


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