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The Bajic Denture Clinic team exclusively offer lower suction dentures in Simcoe County

Having properly fitted and functioning dentures is important for overall health and wellness

When it comes to needing dentures, it’s not only for aesthetic reasons but more importantly, the ability to eat and enjoy food.

“People that wear dentures that don’t fit well they only eat junk food or soft mushy foods, so no raw foods, no vegetables that are crunchy like corn on the cob, which can affect their health over time,” said Vladimir Bajic, denturist and co-owner of Bajic Denture Clinic in Midland.

Bajic Denture Clinic is co-owned an operated by denturist Nada Bajic, with this husband and wife team providing Midland and surrounding areas the best in denture services for almost 10 years.

Vlad and Nada love being Simcoe’s local denturists, and understanding that every patient is unique, they ensure each individuals needs are heard and accommodated from the moment they are welcomed to their clinic.

They take pride in the level of customized care they provide for each patient, and while they are both experts in their field, they have different areas of expertise that when combined, provide their patients the best of professional denture services.

With the latest technology available to their patients, they offer digital dentures where impressions are no longer needed, bringing the most comfort for the patient. A scan is taken of the mouth making the dentures fit more precisely, even in thickness and more compact, making the dentures stronger than the conventional way of fabrication.

Patients have the option of taking the 3-D printed try in denture home showing it to friends and family even test it out. If needed necessary changes are made before having the final denture milled.

“Another benefit to having digital dentures is if they’re lost or damaged and they’re in another country, we can actually mill the dentures without seeing them and ship it off to them and they’ll have their beautiful smile wherever they are,” Vladimir said.

If patients prefer a more traditional denture, at Bajic Denture Clinic, they offer complete denture services including traditional, partial and implant dentures. But what sets Bajic Denture Clinic’s services apart is they’re the first and only clinic in Simcoe that offers Lower Suction dentures made in-house.

Lower Suction dentures is a way of fabricating dentures that suction to the gums of the patient so their dentures aren’t constantly shifting while they are chewing or speaking.

The technique to create this type of denture was perfected by Dr. Jiro Abe in Japan. After 15 years of research, he came up with lower suction dentures then began teaching others, like the Bajics, who are both certified and able to provide these dentures to their patients.

Being able to eat food, to chew properly, having them function properly is so important for patients’ overall health. Most patients say it changed their life.

Personal and customized patient care is paramount at Bajic Denture Clinic

By the time people come to their clinic, many are at the stage where their teeth are either gone beyond repair or they’re emotionally delicate because of the state of their teeth, said Nada. For many, this means coming into their first appointment embarrassed and uncomfortable.

“It’s a very delicate experience for each and every patient, and for some patients it’s a lot more traumatizing than for others, so we really try to take really good care and support them,” she said.

And because most people don’t know much about dentures and how the process works, Nada said the Bajic team starts of with a detailed consultation to determine where they are in their dental care and what’s best for them moving forward.

“When you think about the needs people of that age have, they socialize and they have meals, so being comfortable to smile and to go out to lunch and dinners with their friends and family and actually enjoying a meal because they can chew and eat, versus having to take out their dentures in the middle of a meal, is so important,” she said.

Following the consultation, Nada said they’ll work out a detailed and customized treatment plan that works for the individual. If this includes other practitioners, they work with all dentists and surgeons in the area and will co-ordinate all the appointments for you.

“We take care of our patients from the beginning all the way to the end, and whether the patient needs extraction, if we need to refer them to a dental office or an oral surgeon or anywhere they need to go, they don’t ever have to worry because we will be there to guide them through the entire process,” she said.

To book a consultation at Bajic Denture Clinic, call 705-526-4041 or book an appointment online. You can also contact them with any questions you may have.