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North Simcoe Therapy Network offers holistic approach to addictions recovery

North Simcoe Therapy Network provides outpatient intensive addiction treatment program for adults, children, and families
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At North Simcoe Therapy Network (NSTN), a group of dedicated and experienced staff aim to provide best practice, evidence-based treatments to adults, children, and families with mental health issues, effectively, affordably, and accessibly. NSTN is committed to providing services with warmth, acceptance, and nonjudgement, regardless of circumstance.

Individuals 16 years of age looking for a community-based outpatient intensive addiction treatment program can explore both NSTN’s in-person, online and hybrid options. Unlike many other treatment programs, NSTN 12-week program (plus aftercare support) places a huge emphasis on having fun in recovery as well as finding effective ways to teach patients how to integrate what they learn into their everyday lives.

Clients are greeted with respectful, supportive, and helpful services that cater to individual needs, as opposed to forcing clients to fit into an existing structure of care. NSTN focuses on teaching patients a new, healthier way of life - not just for a few weeks while abstaining from their addiction but for the long-term. The integration of both evidence-based treatment protocols and indigenous cultural teachings is unique to NSTN and provides a very holistic approach to recovery.

Inspired by the cultural teachings of the Indigenous First Nations’ Ojibway Anishinaabe and the successful Red Road to Recovery program, clients will have the opportunity to learn about Medicine Wheel and 7 Grandfather teachings. This unique and holistic approach to recovery is based on decades of Western research blended with centuries of demonstrated Indigenous healing practices.

While this is a fee-for-service program, in keeping with NSTN's mission to provide affordable, accessible, and effective services, all costs are considered very reasonable, especially in comparison to the costs of alternative private treatment programs. The program also provides, as needed, access to a psychiatrist (MD) with extensive experience in treating individuals with addiction-related concerns.

Once clients complete their 12-week core recovery program, they are provided with a comprehensive discharge plan and 6-weeks of aftercare support.

For further details, please refer to the program details found on the NSTN website, call 705-481-1925, or email