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Customized buying options makes vehicle shopping fun again

Multiple ways to shop Bourgeois Auto post pandemic

There’s no doubt that a global shift has occurred in the way customer expectations have grown in a post-pandemic world.

One of the primary differentiators to emerge after two years of consumer migration to online shopping platforms is the demand for customer-centric shopping experiences and customized purchasing options. That’s true in every sector, from clothing and apparel, appliances and prepared foods, and most surprisingly, even purchases of new vehicles.

Gone are the days when 100 percent of new vehicle purchases were done on-site at a dealership face-to-face with a sales associate.

According to Allied Market Research, the global online car market was valued as $237.93 billion in 2020; that number is projected to hit $722.79 billion by 2030. Such statistics are one of the main reasons why companies like the Bourgeois Auto Group are investing a great deal of energy into building deeper and more meaningful relationships with their customers while offering more proactive customer service.

“People were hesitant to buy a vehicle at a dealership during the pandemic,” said Ben Alger, Marketing Coordinator for Bourgeois Auto Group. “Our goal is to ease the process by offering them choice. That could mean full touchless transactions completed without ever coming into the dealership. It could mean texting or video chat. It’s your vehicle your way now. Whatever way the customers want to deal with us we can accommodate them.”

Given the high-ticket value of a new car or truck, it’s surprising to see the number of people willing to purchase their vehicle sight unseen. However, Alger says that the key to ensuring customer satisfaction is offering the same five-star service customers expect regardless of how they choose to make their purchases.

“There are people who still have a preference for the full in-store experience,” he said. “We do love to invite them into our environment, because they do get to see these beautiful in-stock vehicles in person. But more people have already done their research and they like the convenience on online or video interactions. We pride ourselves on delivering the same exceptional customer service regardless off the platform they choose or the vehicle they want.”

The Bourgeois Group went through an expansion during the pandemic, increasing from one dealership at the beginning of 2019 to its current four dealerships.

Under the direction of GM David Grattan, the company’s Nissan and Hyundai divisions have helped accelerate Bourgeois’ growth. Alger says one of the major pillars of their customer-focused strategy is allowing customers ease of access to shop any one of their four locations online or in-person.

“Our sales consultants have access to every single vehicle in the group, new and used,” said Alger. “If you go to one location to shop but don’t find what you’re looking for, we’re happy to bring any vehicle from any of the other locations to you. We offer VIP delivery across the province and across the country. It’s all about convenience and customizing the sales experience. Whatever they want, our consultants are adaptive. Our product lines are really drawing people to our brands, and we’re really excited to offer the experiences to go along with it.”

To find out more about the amazing products and services available from Bourgeois Auto Group, visit them online.