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Phil Karpathios and the Philosophy Café (5 photos)

Phil's Midland location has been home to many businesses over the years, including Brown's Showroom Garage

If you love a hearty breakfast in Penetang or Midland, one of the many great places would be Phil’s.

Bottom of Main on the west side in Penetang (Phil's Family Restaurant), Hugel and just east of First on the south side in Midland (Phil's Pub & Eatery).

Look, let’s face it, we never give enough credit to the Greeks for everything they have done for civilization.

Remember the Parthenon…Divine Proportion…Golden Section, just to rattle off a few?

Notice the P in Philosophy? Greek for Phi. I’ll leave it at that.

Phil has given out more turkeys at Christmas than anyone we know.

Quietly, without fanfare. Phil’s fare is delicious and the servings are huge. Yes, there are drinks and it is a really cool club in the evening. You think the Greeks just run restaurants? Think again. This is a community café and club.

Phil’s Philosophy Café is in the old Midtown Motel location. See photos for temporal alignment. Brown's, then Beauchamps, then Bertrands and Sha Na Na’s and other iterations….

Phil asks only that you “know your own mind,” especially near closing time.

Virtue, says Phil, is our highest objective and try to behave or act civilized if you are feeling your Pagan roots after too much mead.

Phil casts his net widely to gather all the fishes in the deep blue sea.

What do you know?

What do you really know? asks Phil.

Do you really know your ABC’s and your one, two, threes?

No tests, no scores, just demonstrate your understanding. Hypotheses welcomed, but must be defended, at the Philosophy Café.

Have you a thesis you wish to advance?

Theseus, Daedalus, Icarus and Ariadne are all present and rooting,  literally, rooting …at the Philosophy Café.

René Hackstetter December 30, 2021