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Midland on parade: Always time for celebrations

Despite some tough times, community's resiliency always shines through

Everybody loves a parade with Pipes and Drums and all the hoopla that makes for a great day.

The 24th of May is the Queen’s Birthday as we used to say, to repeat the old mnemonic rhyme. June 21 is National Indigenous Peoples Day. Sun at its zenith, good timing. Father's Day is the third Sunday in June. Hope daughter remembers dad. Cry me a tear.

July long weekend we celebrate being Canadian, eh?

J.W. Bald includes himself in the photo of kids marching south on King Street during the Diamond Jubilee, 1927. Bald framed these as souvenirs of the day.

Midland’s shipyard closed the following year.

Thin times between a post-WW1 depression of 1919, a mild recovery during the twenties, and then, a  stock market crash in ’29.

Courageous Midland continued celebrations and parades in spite of economic crashes, depressions and war. It was, is, and will be for the community and the children.

Let them grow up without worrying about what is to come. “No man  ever stood so tall as when he stooped to help a child,’’ as the saying goes on one of the pictured floats.

René Hackstetter, June 24, 2022.