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Jim Wright : One of The Other Wright Brothers (4 photos)

Jim Wright, who passed away last week, was a talented musician and raconteur

Many of Midland’s old-timers will fondly remember the Wright Brothers.

No, not the famous flyers, but a family, equally famous in their own right. Jim, Doug, Bill, Joyce and Richard Wright.

The last a pen name of the famous Canadian author, but still all Midland boys and girls, through and through.

Jimmy was born October 9, 1928. He died on 14th October, 2021, at 94. That was eight days ago. A few words about the man.

Member of RCL Branch # 80 for years, 32 years a Mason, Shriner, Swinger, salesman, BS Table member and wit. Swingers were a musical ensemble, just to clarify.

Oh, Jim also worked on the boats, managed P.D. Murphy Jewellers in Midland and, before retirement, managed the local LCBO, all as jobs.

But music was his life. These Wrights were a creative family.

At one time, Jimmy also worked for Del Hastings Mens Wear, which was apparent as his duds were quality English goods. He was never in anything but  dress gear at the Branch. Fine corduroys, polished shoes and a sense of élan that the men of 1939 - ’45 are filled with.

Since the revolution of the sixties, dress codes fell away, and all Jimmy would do was sniff. He held his own - maintain discipline, his motto.

Del Hastings was on King Street for many years and even Rick Leaney worked for him, so Del must have been special. Jimmy and Rick were friends and sat together at the “Table of Truth” swapping anecdotes about the Lakes, freighters and all the characters that make up the sailing population of the Bay.

All four of the Wright brothers and sister Joyce are gone, and so is that era.

Jimmy played at the Villa, entertaining the Vets and the shut-ins with his wonderful piano playing.

He played with Mel Lavigne and they were good friends. Mel was at the house often, according to son Jeff.

This is not an obituary, this is a few memories of a man held in great esteem by his friends and colleagues.

These notes are hardly sufficient to span a  lifetime and encompass all his good works. We will remember him!

René Hackstetter, October 23, 2021.