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Back to school blues isn't a new phenomenon for local students

From the days of the former Sixth St. School in Midland to the Old Fort School, students have often found summer fleeting as they return to 'reading, 'riting, and 'rithmetic'

No doubt all the scholars out there read a dozen or more books over the summer ranging from math to mysticism.

Not. In fact, those well-turned pages are old magazines from the cottage, like Glamour magazine or a movie fan mag…serious stuff like that. School?

I start thinking about that at Labour Day. It just passed? Darn.

School this year will be welcomed warmly, unlike last year or the year before. How did you do with online learning? Sucks doesn’t it? Now you are ready for a live body and interaction, but you just can’t lift your gaze from the screen.

Hmm…we have a cure for that…the Greeks called it calisthenics. You do that in a gymnasium.

Can you say that class? Repeat after me, while enunciating carefully to recall the form of the word. Inscribe that on your tabula rasa, by rote. Remember that thingy before Siri?

Whether it’s kindergarten or row upon row of young scholars, each fall it is back to school for all. Spelling and counting and conversing and understanding and not comprehending and hoping and even some praying at the centre of all this learning.

Little brick schools, consolidations, then Regent, Sixth St., Parkview, MHS, MSS and GBDHS to name just a few from town.

Sacred Heart, St. Mary's and St. T’s, round out the faithful three.

Strap or ruler on palm or dunce sitting in a corner now gone.

If it’s laptop, palm pilot or some apple device, We’re still ‘riffing with reading, ‘riting, and rithmetic!’

René Hackstetter September 9, 2022.