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A salute to George Dunn, a Dollartown original (4 photos)

'A life of thoughtful acts and the respect and love of his community,' author notes of George Dunn

Editor’s note: George Dunn passed away peacefully on November 28 at the age of 83. He died in the comfort of his home, with his loving wife of 61 years Adrienne (Marchand) by his side.

George Dunn died today.

Dollartown, and Midland, lost a man whose life has been dedicated to his family and community and of loving your neighbour.

Dare we say it so boldly in this time of separation? Yes.

If one were to meet George at the Legion and you wanted to join, George would not be the man selling a membership, but rather, one of the old guard, sitting quietly at the BS table, simply welcoming your presence and conversation.

This Legion was contained within a much larger community called Dollartown and George was an integral part.

In the old rural communities, whether Anglo Saxon, Celtic or French, men of renown and wisdom were sought out on matters in the community.

George was just such a man.

Hockey at Edgar Paul’s outdoor rink, Arena Gardens and the 1971 Waggs Laundry team and the 75 Oldtimers are all part of his story.

These anecdotes are better left with sports historians such as Thomas Paradis, who memorialized George Dunn with these caring words, “George Dunn was a true Dollartowner. No matter what he did, the  success he and his family had, he always remained the same boy who grew up in that unique part of the east-side of Midland where  kids ran through The Grove…played shinny on Edgar Paul's rink, walked along the train tracks to the elevator at the town dock, and knew every house in the neighborhood… My family was one of those.  Joan and Art Paradis.

“The Dunns were half a block up Bay Street, just past Lindsay. The Logans, Grahams, Pearsons, Robitailles,  Hendersons, McIntaggarts, Trewins, Corbieres and Jackson's store.”

Sow a thought, reap an act, sow an act, reap habit, sow habit, reap character, sow character, reap destiny. Thackeray echoes what  George Dunn lived.

A life of thoughtful acts and the respect and love of his community. Thank you George Dunn.

René Hackstetter December 3, 2020.