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Speeding-related deaths hit 10-year high in 2021: OPP

Data also show 46 per cent decrease in alcohol/drug-related deaths on OPP-patrolled roads
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Ontario Provincial Police photo


Speeding was among the more prevalent behaviours to wreak havoc on Ontario Provincial Police (OPP)-patrolled roads in 2021, contributing to the loss of 81 lives and marking a 10-year high in speed-related road deaths.

All data applies to OPP jurisdictions only.


A total of 315 people died on roads last year, up three per cent over 2020. Alongside speeding, fatalities linked to inattentive drivers were up 29 per cent, while alcohol/drug-related deaths decreased by close to 50 per cent. Seatbelt-related deaths were also down last year over the previous year.

Fatal motor vehicle collisions           2021  2020  % change

Number of fatal collisions                     288    284    +1%

Persons killed (total)                             315    304    +4%

Persons killed - alcohol/drug-related    31      57     -46%

Persons killed - inattentive-related       58      45      +29%

Persons killed - speed-related              81      62      +31%

Persons killed - no seatbelt                  48      57      -16%

Collisions were up eight per cent in 2021 over the previous year, with OPP officers responding to 60,544 road crashes.

Collisions involving commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) were also up, with 7,215 crashes marking a 17 per cent increase. The OPP also saw a 26 per cent increase in CMV collisions that resulted in fatalities in 2021, with 72 people losing their lives in these crashes.    

Motorcycle fatalities were down 17 per cent, with 35 people losing their lives last year.


The OPP responded to 23 fatal marine incidents last year which took 27 lives and marked a 16 per cent decrease in fatalities over 2020. The majority (24) of the deceased were not wearing a life jacket. With capsized vessels and falling overboard cited as the primary causes in all but four of the fatalities, the data speaks to the critical role of a properly worn life jacket when boating or paddling. Almost half of the vessels involved in the incidents were non-motorized (e.g. canoe, kayak, stand-up paddle board).


Twenty-two people died in off-road vehicle incidents last year, down marginally from 2020. Alcohol/drugs were a factor in just over one-third of the fatalities. Only half of those who died were wearing a helmet.

The OPP is reminding Ontarians that everyone has a role to play in reducing the number of traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries. Whether you are driving a car, off-road vehicle or paddling in a canoe, always operate your vehicle/vessel safely, always wear your seatbelt when you hit the road, your life jacket on the water and your helmet while off-roading.

Please do your part to keep you, your loved ones and those with whom you share our roads, waterways and trails safe. By doing so, Ontarians can collectively and significantly reduce the number of preventable deaths and injuries.