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OPP used 'framework for Indigenous critical incidents' 374 times in 2020

The framework relies heavily on dialogue, communication, and relationships with the goal to preserve the peace, prevent offences and enforce the law neutrally
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The Ontario Provincial Police has released the annual report on its Framework for Police Preparedness for Indigenous Critical Incidents for 2020. 

Entrenched as an OPP critical policy since 2005, the framework guides the police response to both Indigenous and non-Indigenous issue-related incidents. The release of this report is in keeping with the recommendations in the Report of the Ipperwash Inquiry (2007).

The framework:

  • Promotes an operationally sound, informed and flexible approach to resolving conflict and managing crises in a consistent manner;
  • Demonstrates accommodation and mutual respect of differences, positions and interests of involved Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities and the OPP; and,
  • Promotes and develops strategies that minimize the use of force to the fullest extent possible.

The OPP framework relies heavily on dialogue, communication, and relationships with the clear objective to preserve the peace, prevent offenses and enforce the law in a neutral manner that respects and protects the rights of all involved parties.

The Report of the Ipperwash Inquiry (2007) declared the framework a 'best practice' and recommended that the OPP prepare an annual report on its use and post it on the OPP website. The annual report provides examples of how the framework has been applied and a statistical summary of implementation for the preceding year.

In 2020, the framework approach was applied in 374 incidents, including critical incidents and major events and/or protest activity, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous.

To provide greater insight to the public, the framework itself has been posted to the OPP website. since 2016 accompanying the annual reports on its use.

"The OPP is pleased to share the Annual Report on the Framework for Indigenous Critical Incidents 2020. The framework outlines a measured response to demonstrations that emphasizes the strength of open communication and the importance of respectful relationships. This critical policy was recognized as a best practice by the Ipperwash Inquiry and provides direction, while the focus remains on public safety, maintaining order and preserving the peace." - Superintendent Gary Maracle, Commander - OPP Indigenous Policing Bureau