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Just because ice looks safe, doesn't mean it is, OPP warn

Due to wind and water fluctuations, ice may not be thick, strong or stable enough to support the weight of you and your machine
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TINY TOWNSHIP - Members of the Southern Georgian Bay Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) would like to again remind all ice surface users that they should check with local information sources before attempting any ice surface travel. If you must travel on the current ice surface conditions wearing proper survival clothing/suit, having a fully charged cell phone along with telling a friend neighbour or family member or your destination is strongly suggested.

The following link has further safety suggestions -

When ice forms it may look safe but due to wind and water level fluctuations it may not be thick, strong or stable enough to support the weight of you and your machine. Adhering to land-based Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) prescribed trails whenever possible offers the safest snowmobile terrain. They provide many trails that avoid water crossings altogether as well as bridges and culverts to pass over known water crossings safely.

According to the (OFSC) website most of the OFSC trails currently open in the North Simcoe area and snowmobile operators are reminded that road travel can be dangerous as other road users may not be expecting snowmobile traffic especially if we receive a significant snowfall. For more information please view the following link:

Lastly, impaired driving your car and and impaired snowmobiling/ATV/scoot/side by side operation anywhere is all the same so please make the right decision and never drive impaired.

Officers are now on snowmobile patrol and are checking sleds on the trails and at R.I.D.E. check stops looking for impaired drivers and also for proof of a valid driver's license, valid vehicle registration and insurance when required. For more information please view the following link:

Snowmobiling and other ice surface activities are great family outdoor events and we wish everyone to have a safe and memorable experience while safely participating in these activities in the Heart of Georgian Bay.