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Midland man takes ice sculpturing to new heights (7 photos)

Pat Brodeur creates 'Eddie the Yeti,' cabin in his backyard for neighbours to enjoy

Pat Brodeur wanted to mix it up a bit.

That was the thinking behind the Midland man’s latest majestic winter project.

With his backyard ice and snow dragon and castle becoming a popular local attraction last year for its originality and sheer grandeur, Brodeur realized he had his work cut for him.

So in keeping with the mythical theme, Brodeur created a giant Yeti and accompanying cabin.

“I felt a little pressure this year, but it turned out pretty good,” Brodeur says matter-of-factly of the ice cabin and accompanying Yeti, an ape-like creature purported to inhabit the Himalayan mountain range in Asia.

But “pretty good” seems like an understatement as his Wawinet Street neighbours can likely attest.

The Yeti towering over the cabin is 12-feet tall kneeling and would be close to 18-feet high if standing straight. The cabin features an actual door with hinges and ice windows.

Brodeur says he started working on the project once the snow was here to stay and spent about five weeks creating it.

And he also found a good use for the old blue recycling bins, which he notes are the perfect size for forming snow and ice blocks.

“This year there’s more mass to it so it was a little trickier. Obviously, it’s a lot taller since the dragon was vertical,” he says, noting he had a bit of help from his wife Mary and a friend.

“For the most part, it’s a one-person job.”

Brodeur says he imagines he’ll have to do quite a bit of “fine-tuning” over the next few days as a result of this week’s warmer temperatures.

Those who’ve dropped by to see his latest behemoth work seem genuinely impressed, according to Brodeur.

“They love it and a lot of them think I outdid the dragon,” he explains. “The kids are pretty fascinated by it and have lots of good questions for me."

Adds his wife Mary: "A friend‘s daughter, Ainsley, named him Eddie the Yeti.”

Brodeur embarked on the dragon project last year after feeling a spurt of creative energy, fostered in part by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“During COVID, I had a little more time to get out,” he says.

And what will he do for another encore next year?

Broduer hasn’t yet decided yet, but he will likely come up with something that’s sure to delight the young and young-at-heart.

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