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VIDEO: Half of young Canadians think humanity is doomed

New research reveals that climate change is taking an unseen toll on young Canadians; nearly four out of five say the crisis has impacted their overall mental health

A dire new report from the United Nations says the world is rapidly running out of time to prevent the worst harms of climate change. 

“Humanity is on thin ice — and that ice is melting fast,” said U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. “Our world needs climate action on all fronts — everything, everywhere, all at once.”

It should come as no surprise, then, that young Canadians are severely stressed about the looming climate crisis. Two Lakehead University professors recently surveyed 1,000 people between the ages of 16 and 25, and this is what they found:

• Nearly half — 48 per cent — think humanity is doomed.

• Almost four out of five — 78 per cent — say climate change impacts their overall mental health. 

• Almost three-quarters — 73 per cent — find the future frightening.

• 76 per cent think people have failed to take care of the planet, while 39 per cent are hesitant to have children.

• 71 per cent feel angry about the Canadian government’s response to climate change — and 69 per cent feel abandoned.

The research was conducted by Dr. Lindsay Galway, an associate professor of health sciences, and Dr. Ellen Field, an assistant professor in education. Field was a recent guest on Inside the Village, a news and current affairs podcast produced by Village Media. You can watch the full interview here.

Hosted by Scott Sexsmith and Michael Friscolanti, the Editor-in-Chief of Village Media, Inside the Village provides a weekly window into some of the best local journalism from across our chain of Ontario newsrooms. Produced by Derek Turner, the program also explores bigger-picture issues that impact people across the province.

Every episode is available on this news site /insidethevillage. If you prefer the audio version, it is available wherever you find your favourite podcasts.

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