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Tiny opens outdoor rinks for the season

Township operates two covered and one uncovered, natural outdoor ice rink surfaces in Perkinsfield, Lafontaine and Wyevale parks
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Tiny has opened its outdoor ice rinks for the season.

Rinks are open from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., 7 days  a week (weather permitting), and are free of charge. To view schedules and the current status of the rinks, click here.

The township operates and manages two covered and one uncovered, natural outdoor  ice rink surfaces in Perkinsfield, Lafontaine, and Wyevale Parks. In addition, another  uncovered, natural outdoor ice rink surface is operated in Toanche Park by a dedicated group of volunteers in partnership with the Township of Tiny.

To ensure a safe recreational opportunity for the community, the following rules have  been adopted for the outdoor rinks:

  • 1. Capacity limits for the ice surface is ten (10) users 

Users are asked to limit their time on the ice surface to 30 minutes if there are others  waiting and are reminded to respect the Provincial gathering limits in the areas  surrounding the ice surface. In an effort to reduce touch-points and mitigate the spread  of COVID-19, all indoor spaces are closed to the public. Outdoor benches are provided  for the changing of skates. 

  • 2. Supervised skating times 

In an effort to maintain a fair, equal opportunity for all, supervised schedules that  allocate specific time for leisure skate have been adopted for most Outdoor Rinks. During these times, hockey sticks and pucks will not be permitted on the ice surface. Township staff will be on-site monitoring and offering hot beverages during these times. Supervised skating schedules are posted on the township website

  • 3. Protect yourself and others from COVID-19 

Before attending the Park, users are strongly encouraged to perform a self-assessment  of COVID-19 symptoms by visiting the Provincial COVID-19 Self-assessment Tool. Users are asked to maintain a 2-metre (6 feet) distance from every person outside of  their household; if they cannot, they must wear a face covering. Users are also  reminded to practice proper hand hygiene, perform appropriate cough/sneeze etiquette,  and stay home if they are feeling unwell.