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Tiny offering free parking for vehicles with veteran plates

Those with veteran licence plates won't be charged to park in municipal paid lots
Veteran licence plate

The Township of Tiny is pleased to introduce free parking for veteran licence plates where permitted at municipal paid-parking locations.

Council approved the parking bylaw amendment to include a veteran licence plate exemption for paid parking consistent with other municipalities.

Vehicles that have an Ontario veteran licence plate are permitted to park for free in all municipal paid-parking locations but are required to abide by any time limits which may apply to that location. This exemption does not apply to permit parking or non-parking areas.

“We are extremely grateful for the many sacrifices made by the men and women who served in the Canadian Armed Forces,” said Mayor George Cornell, “and believe that support of this program will go a long way to express our thanks and appreciation for veterans.”

For more information regarding veteran licence plates visit the Royal Canadian Legion’s web page at The veterans’ licence plates recognize the dedication and commitment made by past and current veterans including:

  • Veterans of the Second World War and the Korean War
  • Peacekeeping missions
  • Those who have served three years or more with the Canadian regular forces

Designed to commemorate the courage and sacrifice of all veterans, the plate features a red poppy flower with the word “veteran” underneath. The poppy has symbolized remembrance of the sacrifice of our soldiers since 1921. Ontario’s veteran licence plate is currently the province’s most ordered licence plate, with almost 30,000 issued since they were first offered in 2003.

Ontario veterans can exchange current plates or obtain new plates for a $5 administration fee payable to the Royal Canadian Legion for verifying eligibility.

For information on parking enforcement and paid-parking locations in the township visit