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More 'despicable' vandalism, this time at Barrie cenotaph

Damage to downtown memorial comes on the heels of a Victoria Cross monument also being vandalized at Military Heritage Park
The cenotaph in downtown Barrie was vandalized with black spray paint across the front.

Another Barrie site honouring members of the Canadian military and those who have served was desecrated sometime last night after someone spray-painted the front of the downtown cenotaph.

Barrie police communications coordinator Peter Leon said the most recent act of vandalism was reported to police Wednesday morning.

“It appears it happened yesterday after businesses had closed and someone alerted the City of Barrie while passing by. They called us this morning and sent officers over to investigate,” said Leon.

While police provided a photo of the front of the cenotaph, there is more than one spot that has been damaged by the markings.

Leon said the vandalism may be connected to a similar act that occurred at the south-end Military Heritage Park, along the city's lake shore. 

That incident happened likely over the weekend and saw a stone memorial honouring Victoria Cross recipients damaged with a line of black spray-paint down the middle and through several names

Leon said they don't have any suspects in that incident, but have been told by a third party that there was a man, standing about five-foot-five with glasses who was walking in the area around the time the damage may have occurred.

As for the downtown cenotaph investigation, police are seeking clues to a suspect now.

“We have footage from cameras situated downtown and are reviewing them now,” said Leon. “We are going to have a clearer view of who may have done this despicable act. There really are no words. It's disgusting and should never happen. Many treat these spots as sacred places, it's truly beyond words.”