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'Freedom rally' over province's COVID-19 regulations hits Midland town dock

Group carried placards with slogans like "End the lockdown; People are suffering," but wouldn't speak with journalists

Close to 10 area residents gathered Saturday afternoon at the Midland town dock to voice their concerns about the province's current COVID-19 regulations.

Carrying signs with sayings such as “End the lockdown; People are suffering” and “What would love do,” the small group also wore shirts emblazoned with the aforementioned slogans with one demonstrator also carrying a megaphone.

The participants of the demonstration insisted it was not a protest, but rather a “freedom rally.” They refused to speak with MidlandToday about why they were protesting or what they hoped to achieve by demonstrating.

One woman stated she “disagrees” with the discourse of mainstream media with others noting that they do not want to speak to journalists who “represent the entity.”

They then proceeded to yell at a reporter taking pictures and asking questions about their motivations for the rally. They continued shouting until the journalist had left.

Several OPP officers were also at the event, surveying the scene.