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Councillor holds back from Midland Bay Landing binding deferment

‘A more appropriate time’ to come through due course, Bill Gordon says in withdrawing motion to defer further binding decisions of MBL until next term of council
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It’s hard to put pressured contents back into their bottle.

Coun. Bill Gordon withdrew a notice of motion during a recent regular meeting of council, noting that better timing would happen in due course.

Recently, Gordon had wanted to hit the pause button on the Midland Bay Landing Development Corporation seeking request for proposals (RFP) on the controversial waterfront area, stating that the future of the property would be an election issue.

His intent was to push for a deferral at council to ask for a recorded vote on the matter.

At the regular meeting, several council members were not in attendance; Mayor Stewart Strathearn and councillors Cody Oschefski, Carole McGinn and Jim Downer.

Formally, Gordon’s notice of motion read “that council defer any further binding decisions relating to the implementation of Midland Bay Landing development to the 2022-2026 municipal council.”

Deputy Mayor Mike Ross chaired the small attendance, remarking the withdrawal of the motion and asking for comments before passing the agenda item; Gordon accepted the request.

“More of a comment on that removal since there was quite a bit of notoriety around that motion–” said Gordon before being interrupted by Ross who noted that as it was not on the agenda, it would not be up for discussion. However, Ross relented and allowed the comment.

Gordon began, “Just a comment about its removal at my request.

“Just so people know and it’s on the public record, I’ve asked to have my motion relating to the Midland Bay Landing development pulled from tonight’s agenda, after learning that a more appropriate time to have these discussions will present itself during the due course… and so as to not interfere with the established RFP process.

“I do want to take the time to thank residents who wrote to council, and can assure you we’ve all received your feedback. Then there will be more public feedback opportunities – I’ve been assured of this – around this project, this term,” Gordon emphasized.

“But I’ve learned that tonight is too early in the process. So effectively, that’s why I made the request to have this pulled.”

Ross thanked Gordon and noted it was well said before moving on with the remainder of the meeting.

Council meetings are held every third Wednesday, and can be attended virtually through Zoom by contacting the clerk’s department of Midland town hall for a link to the meeting.

Council meetings can also be viewed on Rogers TV cable channel 53, or through the livestream on the Rogers TV website. Archives of council meetings are available through Rogers TV and on the Town of Midland’s YouTube channel.

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